Vanity and Sanity: Body Image Workshop for Women

Do you base your self-esteem on what you see in the mirror? Does worrying about your appearance make you feel a little crazy sometimes? Do you focus on your attractive features, or do you ignore them for fear of being vain? What do you tell yourself about how you look? How does this affect your feelings about yourself? At this Gestalt-based experiential workshop, in fun and safe atmosphere, you'll learn how to change unhelpful patterns, and find healthier ways to treat your body and yourself.

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Thai Massage Tune-Up

Mondays in July and August, 2014

Only $50 for 45 minutes!

Call us to book NOW as Spaces are Limited

Treatments are performed by Dave Surman R. Ac, R. TCMP. Dave trained in Northern Style Thai Massage in Chiang Mai Thailand where he received Teacher Certification in the art.

"How to Use the Top Mind Tools for Success in Your Professional and Personal Life"

  • Is life passing you by?
  • Did you loose your personal power somewhere along the way?
  • Is your spouse/partner just a roommate?
  • Do you find you take good care of everyone but yourself?
  • Do you think of checking out?
  • If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then this presentation is for you! You will find out how to:
  • get more life out of life;
  • take control over your destiny;
  • focus on bringing passion and purpose in the forefront again;
  • excel in the art of relationships (with self and others);
  • nurture your personal needs first;
  • use 3 specific techniques for instant improvement.
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