Massage therapy message for Spring

Dear friends, clients and patients of Mind & Body Integrated Medicine Clinic.

It is Spring, yes, finally it is here and with it our hunger to get out into the gardens and parks and on the bikes.

Just last week, I had suddenly three clients with problems with low and mid back pain. Some very severe and in all cases they were either playing outside or started to work the backyard, cleaning, pruning, having fun.

Unfortunately they forgot we are only transitioning into the warm weather and particularly here, near the lake, the breezes are still chilly and as we get warm, or work up a bit of sweat, if we are not protected by very warm clothing, the muscles of our back can get exposed to the cold air and go into a bad spasm.

So, its great to use the opportunity to be out, but what I would advise all of us, is to be v-e-r-y careful and stretch well before doing any outside work and dress well to protect your muscles. The pain is not worth it.

Yours Michael Eisner, RMT

New Workshop: Introduction to Mindful Living

Come to this six week course to learn about how mindfulness can enhance well-being.

Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention to the present moment in our mind and body with awareness and an accepting attitude. Mindfulness naturally arises when we let go of all that keeps our minds busy and attune to our present moment experience. Living mindfully can help process our inward experiences: life stress, anxiety, depression, anger, pain, and develop compassion for self. By developing a mindful practice we can become more aware and less reactive, allowing us to choose how we respond to our thoughts and emotions.

This 6 week workshop will allow you to gain the basics that can allow you to develop a mindful practice in your life.

  • Dates: To be determined
  • Cost: $240 (can be covered by some benefits packages)
  • Your facilitators: Eden Mebrahtu MEd, MACP, OACCPP & Kelly Thorarinson, MSW, RSW
  • To register contact Mind&Body @ 413-252-3665, Kelly @ 416-606-2103 or Eden @ 647-528-7390 by March 25, 2015

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