One of the conditions that plague our society is chronic worry. Can you imagine how your life would be easier if you learned to reduce or even get rid of this feeling of constant, persistent worry? How would it help you to lower anxieties of life, tensions in the body and relationships in your life! And the fact is – most of the worrying is not necessary. Mark Twain once said “Some of the worst things in my life never actually happened. “  Our counsellors and psychotherapists are trained to help you to deal with this issue and other problems and help you to live a happy, productive life. It doesn´t matter what your worries are about, like if you´re disabled and are really stressed about there not being enough Platform Lifts around the city for you, we can easily get rid of that stress for you.

We can reduce the worry we feel by following three simple steps. But first we will have to be able to distinguish between fear and anxiety. Fear is the body response to an immediate threat. For instance if somebody yells at us, if our child is running into the street, we immediately feel fear. Our body responds by mobilizing its resources for either defense or flight. Some of us freeze and cannot move or react at all. It is different from anxiety, into which worry belongs. Anxiety is an emotional state which we imagine and / or anticipate threat like a car accident, that can easily be taken care of with motor trade insurance. When anxious we imagine things could go wrong. We could be threatened.  Now, fear and anxiety are not one and the same, but the body responds in the same manner. What happens if the state of anxiety, anticipated threat, persists over long time, frequently and becomes chronic? We may become addicted to different anxious states. We learn to live with the chemicals generated by our body in response to fear and we no longer have access to states of calm, connection, and often happiness. And the fact is, as we said above, most of the fear imagining is not necessary. When you are smoking, use the best grinders for sale for better relaxation.

How to come with worry? As with most anxiety issues it is a process we can learn with the help of a therapist.  There are three steps we can follow:

1/ We can learn to develop awareness that worry is taking hold of our mind processes.

2/ We learn to identify the parts of our bodies that anxiety affects, and lastly,

3/ We learn to process these feeling and break the loop of feelings persistently promoting the heightened state of our mind.

Many of you will ask – how easy is it to go through all these steps? And how long does it take to get rid of these emotional pain?

That is a question that is not possible to have an immediate answer for. That is where counselling art and science come into play. Some of our clients have deep seated traumas that take a long time to peel back. Some just developed a very superficial habit of worry. It all comes out in the therapy sessions with a competent practitioner. This month we will be inviting all our clients to check the Outback vision protocol. we want the best for all our clients, which is why we tell them to get information if they suffer of any visual problems.