Karen Hawes – Reiki

I started studying Reiki with Anita Levin over 20 years ago and have my second degree in the traditional Usui system. In addition to my work with Anita I’ve been privileged to have worked with some very talented body and energy workers through the years. Pilates, yoga, Lomi Lomi, cranial sacral, and most recently I took a one year Shamanic training course with Daniel Leonard. I feel honoured to be able to combine the great work of all my teachers into my form of Reiki. I believe in the power of the universal energy and by bringing focus and attention to those tender spots we all carry that the energy will come in to help us heal and grow. I’ve seen it in my own life time and again.

Beyond the Reiki table I am a documentary filmmaker who believes in the power of story. My goal is to meet every client where they are and honour the story they bring to the table and their own healing.