• Can assist you in any challenging situations
  • Helps access your Higher consciousness
  • Very good tool for concentration
  • Incredible tool for changing old patterns
  • Rises the sensitivity for yourself and the world around
  • Helps you to recognize your creative power

More about Mandala Art Therapy

Creating a Soul Mandala or a Healing Mandala is a way of getting in touch with ourselves and the world on more subtle level. When was the last time you felt inspired? Or when was the last time you felt really relaxed? Are you in touch with this incredible power in you – your own creativity? Do you trust your gut feeling? In the workshop and classes we work with the chakra system and body awareness, breath, movement, colour, symbol and sound. The intention is to move to a happier and more deeply satisfying state of balance and harmony. While you do not need artistic talent to create a Mandala you might be pleasantly surprised to see what happens when your creativity is unlocked.

Who practices Mandala Art Therapy?

Aloha Yvetta