Michael Eisner is a registered massage therapist and co-founder of Mind & Body Integrated Medicine Clinic. Michael practices the therapeutic techniques of Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Treatment, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Massage, Cranial-Sacral therapy, and other techniques helping his patients to achieve their goals, mostly of reducing or eliminating of pain and lessening the level of stress. Michael believes in holistic approach to treating his patients. This is also the reason Michael passionately believes in the integrative approach promoted and practice at the Clinic. Michael teaches Anatomy at a Massage Therapy College in Toronto.

Michael Eisner, Registered Psychotherapist

My specialty is psychodynamic therapy. Together with my client(s) we explore the deep roots of issues they are experiencing and focus on the unconscious contents of their memories. We bring these issues to awareness and look at them from the current perspective. Through this process the psychological tension is released and we look for ways and conscious means to minimize the emotional pain that usually accompanies the psychic tensions. To allow the therapy to be successful, I slowly build up the interpersonal relationship with my clients to allow therapeutic alliance between me and the clients to take place.

As I function within a multidisciplinary clinic, if I feel it appropriate, I can recommend the client to complement my therapy with other such other disciplines as yoga, group therapy, etc.

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