Happy Autumnal Equinox


Fall is a time of consolidation. A time when the heat of summer begins to recede as the cooler weather approaches. It brings with it a dry climate affecting the Lungs in a profound way. The lungs prefer a moist environment for optimal function. In Chinese medicine we view the fall as a stressful time for the lungs, when extra care must be taken to prevent seasonal diseases such as colds and flus.
For many it is also a time of change. Back to school, or back to a regular or even busier schedule at work. It is an optimal time to work on one’s health and fitness in preparation for the long winter ahead.
Acupuncture and herbal medicine are awesome therapies to help keep bodily structures and functions primed. The prevailing philosophy in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) is that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. We can prevent dysfunction in any of the body’s systems through the above modalities and by using exercise and lifestyle adjustments to keep disease at bay.
Come in for a fall treatment to keep balance in the body to prevent illness. Also, find out about Qigong and how it can help.
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Dave Surman BFA, R.Ac, RTCMP