Why Practice Yoga?

service58Do you want to be stronger, more flexible, more energetic, happier, more focused, more at ease, more powerful, more in control, enjoy life more, feel relaxed and more joyful? Finding a practice that offers all of these things – and more – might seem like wishing for the moon. And yet a yoga practice moves you toward these goals – gently, safely and very effectively. In addition, it lowers stress and pain levels, increases immunity, and helps you feel younger.

Your practice evolves with age

When I talk to people about what I do, a few will tell me they can’t “do yoga.” I ask what “doing yoga” means to them. Usually it means they have a vision of trying to twist themselves into human pretzels, touching their hands to the floor, or doing handstands or headstands. And yet, gentle yoga is a practice that anyone can do. Simply move in a range of motion that feels safe, breathe easily, and begin to notice sensations, thoughts and feelings. Becoming a human pretzel, or doing handstands and headstands are definitely not required!

Yoga for women

Yoga is a wonderful practice for everyone at any age – women, men and children. In this piece, I’m going to offer some thoughts on why it’s a super practice for women.

Tap into your inner power

A yoga practice is invaluable in helping women feel more powerful and in control of their lives. As we learn acceptance of what is – and how delicious to accept ourselves for who we are instead of trying to change! – we begin to deepen our happiness and ease. The practice can be difficult or gentle; yet it is through focusing and accepting who we are, that we learn to appreciate and hone our inner power.

Ease your stress and pain

Whether you’re a woman with a hectic lifestyle, or you’re in pain or feel stressed or overwhelmed, a gentle yoga practice can help you feel more relaxed and calm.
Many women are focused on multi-tasking just to get through the day. And although women generally do well at multi-tasking, it can take its toll on the body, mind and spirit. Yoga, by bringing us back to the subtle awareness of this moment, helps to lower stress and pain.

Transform yourself

Women often feel ill at ease in their bodies. Yoga teaches self-acceptance and self-love. Women already know how to nurture others. Though our practice, we learn how to nurture ourselves.
Let go, relax and enjoy – take time for yourself
It can be very difficult for women to imagine taking time for themselves, as that time generally means they are taking time away from caring for their families and the million and one multi-tasks they do every day. Have you been on an airplane and listened to the flight attendants giving the safety speech at the beginning of the flight? In case of a loss in cabin pressure where the oxygen masks deploy, they always emphasize putting on your own mask before stopping to help any children or people who need help. Why? Because you can’t possibly help anyone else if you’ve lost consciousness from lack of oxygen. Life is no different. Sooner or later, we start to run out of “oxygen” if we don’t keep ourselves from getting depleted. Caring for ourselves ensures that we’re able to care for those we love.

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Find your balance in life – works every part of body, calms mind and nourishes spirit
Yoga is the practice of balance. And when our lives feel out of balance, a few minutes of yoga a day can help us to regain that balance. Our practice of yoga can be the calm in the midst of the storm that is so often our life. The more we bring ourselves to that calm, steady state, the more we can tap into it when we really need it!